My relationship broke down and my partner moved out. I could not afford the mortgage repayments on my own, and thought I was going to lose my home. I buried my head in the sand, and ignored all the letters from the bank, and even missed a court date about the repossession of my home. Finally, I went to MABS and brought all the letters from the bank with me, one of which suggested the Mortgage to Rent (MTR) scheme. To get on the scheme, my ex-partner had to sign a consent form so the property could be transferred to the bank, which took some time and held up the process a bit. But, the bank has just accepted an offer from an AHB on my home, so I am coming to the end of the MTR process and I am looking forward to paying an affordable rent and not worrying about mortgage repayments anymore. The MTR process is long with a lot of paperwork, but MABS helped with this.